Kitoma II

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Location and Access
Kitoma II is situated southeast of the Sanniquellie Township in Nimba County and is approximately 240km northeast of Monrovia. The main access from Monrovia to Kitoma II is via the Yekepa Highway. Kitoma II covers an area of 302km2 and is bound to the west by the Kitoma Exploration License Area. The Yekepa-Buchanan rail line passes through the southern part of the Exploration License Area. Kitoma II is accessible all year round.

Past BHP Billiton Exploration
Prior to BHP Billiton being granted the exploration licence (“EL”) for Kitoma II, the only recorded work in the area was USGS regional mapping and airborne surveys completed during the 1970s.

During 2013 and 2014, BHP Billiton conducted reconnaissance mapping of the Kitoma II EL. The mapping identified four primary lithologies within the EL: iron formation (massive and banded), granite gneiss, dolerite and quartzite. The reconnaissance mapping program confirmed the iron formation (“IF”) interpreted by the United States Geological Surveys (“USGS”). The IF has a strike length of 1.6km and width of 870m, and is approximately 100m in thickness and is located on Mount Maton. The EL is predominantly granite gneiss which reflects the true basement rocks of the Kitoma group and the Nimba group.

Geological Activity
A comprehensive mapping report for previous campaigns was compiled for review. Furthermore, a review of existing mapping data was completed for a planned Resource Range Analysis which aims to estimate the potential mineralisation for the EL and to update our mineral inventory. The data review included final interpretation of cross sections generated based on surface mapping. From the interpretation 17 planned reconnaissance test drill holes were included in a draft drilling proposal. The drilling program will aim to test the mineralization potential of outcrops that were mapped on and across Mount Maton during the previous mapping campaigns.

Work Program 2016/ 2017
The proposed work program 2016/ 2017 will focus on understanding the regional context of the geology and to determine the potential for the continuation of the Nimba Range stratigraphy.

A comprehensive review of information available for the Kitoma II Exploration Area will be undertaken including available literature and existing USGS maps and reports in order to understand the regional geology which will assist in better targeting mapping.



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